Cathonephele Orites

Males of this species possess a bunch of long scales on the underside of the forewing, which is accompanied by a convex anal forewing margin that is not present in other members of the genus. Catonephele orites is also called  the orange-banded shoemaker butterfly. Females are black white-yellow spotted.


This butterfly is mostly found near forest canopies from Costa Rica to western Ecuador. Larvae feed on Alchornea (Euphorbiaceae) (DeVries, 1987).


Anartia amathea

 This butterfly is also called Brown Peacock or Scarlet Peacock is a species of nymphalid butterfly, found primarily in South America. The type locality is probably Surinam, and the species is found from Panama to Argentina; Grenada, Barbados, Antigua. It is reported as common in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, the Brazilian highlands, the eastern Amazon, the Guianas, Venezuela, and Panama, as well as Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. Larval host plants are mostly undetermined, but these include the families Acanthaceae and Labiatae.