About Us

Our butterfly farm is a facility which breed and supply butterflies for planned releases such as live butterfly exhibitions (butterfly gardens), zoological parks, or museums of life and sciences, and they can be found in many regions of the world. Live butterfly exhibitions is relatively a very young industry compared to other very established ones for example zoos and bird aviaries.


At our butterfly farm, the insects are nursed through all of their life stages, from egg sacks to larvae to freshly pupated butterflies, a number of breeds of butterfly are raised at once, which can add to the complexity of running the butterfly farm.

Neotropical Insects SA was founded in 1996 by Ewout Eriks and Amira Eriks with the main purpose of breed insects and export them to public gardens in the world. The love for butterflies of Ewout Eriks started in Suriname during his youth.

Only one year after construction and production research could be started slowly and the first exports in 1998 could take place. All this in consultation and according to rules of the Department of Nature now the Ministry of Natural Resources forest and land management. It was soon quite obvious that this is a very labor intensive work.

In 2008, the company had 16 employees who worked daily with the breeding of some twenty native species of butterflies and about twenty indigenous plant species involved. Twelve years after starting, the company has grown into a medium sized butterfly farm which exported around 2,500 pupae a week to butterfly gardens and zoos in North America and Europe.


One common use of butterflies from a farm is in butterfly releases at weddings, funerals, and other events. A butterfly release can be pretty a spectacle, especially when a large number of butterflies are involved, and it can attract all of the visitors at the occasion, the butterfly release adds to the ecological health of the community, as butterflies are excellent pollinators.



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