The farm is the source of all the butterflies you encounter in our tropical butterfly garden, but more importantly, it is the location where all the butterfly pupae are bred and prepared for export to several countries abroad. Aside from butterflies, snakes and land turtles are also bred at the facilities of Neotropical Insects and your tour will of course include an introduction to these other tropical animals. 

 No less than twenty-two different species of Surinamese butterflies are bred from tiny egg and larvae, to caterpillar, pupae, and for our own breeding program also to butterflies, in special screened in enclosures. In the carefully controlled environment at Neotropical Insects, each step of this fascinating process of metamorphosis right up to the moment of export, is closely monitored and guided in the right direction. That is no small task, but a highly professional organization which requires a significant amount of knowhow, expertise and meticulousness of every employee, at each position within this process. Under the accompaniment of a professional guide you will receive a privileged and informative glimpse into the interesting and extensive world of our butterfly, snake and turtle breeding facilities.

Nature Spot

Before the establishment of the breeding station it was consciously chosen for a place where nature has remained untouched. Hence, the farm still have a lot of trees between it. A natural spot, a bush, but in the middle of town.
The Neotopical Insects and the Neotropical Butterfly Park are both working with butterflies. The farm concentrates on the production of the butterfly pupas which are meant for the export.

The Butterfly Park has different kinds of attractions, such as a Gift shop, a Panorama, an Insect museum, an expo area, also a butterfly garden, a playground and a cafe. Every hour there are also guided tours to the farm.
Visitors of the Butterfly Park will witness the real lifecycle of the different butterfly species. While the employees are preparing the examples for the export the visitors may observe the whole process.